Customer trust derived from the excellent quality

Quality Inspection

From inspections and discussions about specifications in sampling
to quality control in massive producing, CWT’s quality inspection
management is contructed through product making procedures and
ISO standards. Top quality and continuous improvement are what we
always strive to persue.

Quality Control of Products

CWT adopts complete quality inspection management and workflow control
procedures. From importing of raw materials, product producing, putting end
products in storage to quality inspecting of shipping products, we have made
a series of strick and rigorous inspecting procedures, improving product quality
and product-making efficiency.

The Quality Control Department is responsible for inspecting product quality,
preventing happenings of problems generated from product making and equipment
using, and lowering possibilities of flaws originated from product making and
equipment using. Moreover, the Quality Control Department will provide solutions
to improve manufacturing processes and then finally come into making products
whose quaility customers are satisfied with.

Quality Certificates

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