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Company Profile

Established in November 2000, Crystalwise Technology Inc. (CWT) is the first professional manufacturer of hard substrate in Taiwan. In these years, CWT has successfully developed several types of substrate and put them in mass production, including LiTaO3 and LiNbO3 Substrate used for SAW Filter Device and Sapphire Substrate used for Blue-White LED Epitaxy.

In 2009, CWT founded a subsidiary company in Shan Dong Province of China. CWT plans to use it as a base of operations for demonstrating business in other regions of China. Also, CWT can supply demands for domestic customers in China from the subsidiary company easily. Merged with Sino Sapphire Co., Ltd in January 2013, CWT becomes the world-largest supplier of Sapphire Substrate used in Opto-Electronics manufacturing.

CWT continues a succession of research and developments in applying sapphire to various categories. For example, CWT enhanced the processing technology on making of Pattern Sapphire Substrate (PSS), extended the use of sapphire upon mobile devices, and opened up manufacturing methods of double-sided grind polishing and laser processing and coating. These research and developments continuously increase the added value to products, expand manufacturing scales, lower costs and provide customers with the best services.

CWT will persist in developing and applying the use of sapphire to various categories of products. At the moment, CWT has successfully flourished processing and shaping technique of sapphire on cell phones, mobile devices, semiconductors, optical monitors, thermal conductive substrate used for LEDs and other special electronics components. Recently, because a great number of sapphires are adopted by cell phones and mobile devices, no doubt the order quantity of CWT will enlarge remarkably. Thus, CWT is able to provide customers uninterruptedly with better and superior solutions of sapphire applications.

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